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The Business of Accounting with Arnesha Bobo

Discover how Arnesha helped small business owners understand their financial statements and any tax implications.

The importance of having an accounting system in place for every business.

The significance of building relationships and partnerships.

Cash is Queen

Listen in to learn effective cash flow strategies for your small business.

Behind the Numbers

Understand what the numbers really mean in your business.

Creating your Strategic Financial Roadmap for your Business

Arnesha Bobo breaks down her Smart Financial Roadmap and the first 3 steps to building your strategic plan in detail. At the end of this episode you will:​

1. Have 3 clear steps to start creating a clear financial plan

2. Understand how vision and core values must be part of your financial plan

3. Be aware of the 4 numbers you should know every month in your company.

Create Smart Money Habits as a Female CEO

In this episode, We are going to break down the money habits that you must have to grow a successful business, Stay Tuned! THE SMART WAYS OF MONEY HABITS; TAKING INTO SUCCESSFUL STEPS Money has been a huge concern for us for all the years we lived in this world.​

Get your business in order

Arnesha speaks to our business owners and while talking financial statements and taxes is not sexy she makes it fun.​ Before you shut down shop you need to go over these quick tips to get help getting funded.

No Panic Business Tips

Arnesha Bob shares tips about getting your business finances prepped for this season and inspires you to not quit and think outside of the box.

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