About us

Who we are
We are a financial consulting that helps service providers improve their bottom line. 

What we do
We work directly with your Executive and Leadership team to oversee and improve your financial infrastructure for your organization. 

Years Experience
Industry Leader in Strategic Planning
Why Us?
We understand your financial strategy extends well beyond bookkeeping and taxes. We focus on the 4 main legs of your finance strategy:
  • Strategic Direction by implementing a strategic plan. 
  • BusinessPperformance by minimizing or eliminating unnecessary costs, focusing on revenue growth opportunities, and optimizing pricing
  • Cash Flow and Treasury Management to ensure unneccessary costs are eliminated and cash is available for working capital. 
  • Process improvement initiatives across your organization to eliminate unproductive and inefficient processes.
About Us

Meet our Founder

As a career Accounting & Financial Professional she helps small business CEOs build financial infrastructure for their company. Her goal is to understand your vision and bring it to life.

With over a decade of Accounting & Financial Reporting experience from her corporate background, she understands the need and desire to have accurate financials and a growth strategy in place.  

Let us help you gain visibility of your

business finances. 


Arnesha Official

Founder CFO for Women

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