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The best way to enhance your business performance and increase overall productivity is to have efficient processes and tools to operate your organization. Per Plan Plus Online “Processes are all the related activities (parts) inside the system that work together to make it function.” Your process is the “how”. Your tools are the what”. Before you go out and purchase a ton of tools and software, here’s what to do first. 


What are the new changes?

  • Assess your operations. Identify tasks in your operations. Do these tasks have an outlined process and step-by-step instructions or procedures? Are you missing any processes? Is there an opportunity to automate or streamline your current processes? If you do not have any current processes, outline a process (ie: client journey, client inquiry, client onboarding, client off-boarding, webinar registration, logistics, and production, etc). Once you’ve outlined the process, create step-by-step instructions or standard operating procedures. 
  • Once you’ve mapped out the process, research software and assign software to the process. 

  • Integrate software across your organization. Ensure the tools selected are also scalable.


    Here are a few tools and software that will help get you started.


  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • Document hub

  • Project management

  • Customer service center

  • Client portal

  • Calendar system

  • Virtual meeting room

  • Collaboration workspace

  • Digital store



  • Accounting software (most accounting software includes client invoicing, integrates with your bank account to capture all revenue and expenses, payroll processing for your employees and contractors, expense management, financial statements, and your business budget). 

  • Tax tool

  • Bank account

  • Payment processor


Tech Deck

  • Analytics

  • VPN

  • Virtual phone system


Human  Resources (HR)

  • Payroll processor

  • HR consultant

  • Benefits program

  • New hire packet - W2 employees

  • New hire packet - 1099s



  • Email marketing

  • Content scheduler

  • Document design

  • Funnels management



  • Contracts

  • Copyrights

  • Trademarks

  • Patents

With an unlimited supply of options, find the tools that work best for your organization and your team. 


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Remember, every dollar counts.
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